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Crows in all their intelligent glory?


Crows can be so floofy, expecially when they are babies


Mamluk Knife with Decorated Scabbard

  • Dated: 14th - 16th century 
  • Measurements: overall length 21.5 cm; blade length 11 cm

The blade is made of watered steel decorated with three embedded coral beads and the inscription "The time of the reign of Sultan Malik Zahir". On the reverse of the blade reads, "Fly high, bird of distress and revenge, your rigor and fairness affirm human fate".

The knife has a square tapered handle of blue glass. The ivory scabbard is richly inlaid with mother of pearl, brass and stones, representing the heavens, with gilt silver fittings with garnets and turquoise.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Galerie Arcimboldo


Does anyone have a scan of the Hierophant? 

Do not remember where I got these images. They were saved to my desktop.


Laurent Gongora attached 24 metal elements to the rock behind the Cascade de Vaucoux in France’s mountainous Massif Central region to “redraw” the shape of the waterfall.

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Ultimate grand supreme? You should get over yourself


I struggle to understand why it’s so frowned upon when one has a high opinion of themselves.

Like, why is it a massive fucking crime to admit that you like yourself?

It’s obviously much more of a desirable trait to put oneself down, which is such a stupid social concept.

But sorry, I ain’t about that life. ✋

People should stop calling themselves ugly, and start admitting that they think they’re pretty or cute….because I *know* you think you are, and don’t say you don’t because why in the fuck would you post pictures of yourself if you 100% hated them….


There’s something awesome about a thing that’s so cute, it transcends cuteness to become nightmarishly creepy. That’s precisely the case with these impressively freaky pears, photographed last year at a supermarket in Beijing, China.

The pears are shaped like this by placing them inside special molds when they’re still very small. As they grow they fill the mold and take on its shape. They were marketed at the grocery store as “happy/joyful doll pears,” but we think they look like they’re patiently waiting for you to try taking a bite out of them, at which point they’ll start screaming bloody murder, or worse, turn you into a creepy pear-doll-person too.

[via Neatorama and RocketNews24]

They look like buddha pears to me